Thursday, January 24, 2008

Global Warming War On Earth Wins A New Battle

Global Warming War On Earth Wins A New Battle by Jason Witt

When you receive the Seal you will begin to care about the environment. Global warming due to pollution caused by people is ever increasing. 2007 is tied as the 2nd warmest year in the last century.

Perhaps you are skeptical of some of the projections made by some scientists. Like that the sea level will rise several feet in the relatively short amount of time of several years.

But global warming is happening, and it is compounding. It has not increased linearly. It is compounding as it escalates. This is no projection--this is data gathered from what has already happened

2007 was about as warm as 1998, the 2nd warmest years in the last 100 years. The NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) compiled the data. And their prediction about the warming turned out to be correct.

They thought that 2007 was going to be warmer than 2006, and they were right. It was warmer. That is the continuing of a trend of global warming caused by pollution made by people.

The pollution is greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. These gases trap heat in the atmosphere much like a greenhouse traps in heat so the plants inside it can survive. But there is nothing "green" about this greenhouse.

Global warming is threatening the delicate balance of the ecosystem of the earth. That balance is so delicate that just a few degrees difference in temperature will destroy many species, and that is not good for people who are one of those species.

1934 was a warm year in the US, but not in the rest of the world. That is something of an anomaly, because the rest of the warmest years in the last 100 are all quite recent. 2005 wins the shameful prize of warmest.

According to the GISS, the 8 warmest years have come after 1998. And the 14 warmest years have come after 1990. This is an obvious warming trend. The years are not scattered throughout the century but happen right at its end.

Because of this warming trend, the experts at GISS believe that the next few years are going to see a year that breaks the record of 2005 as being the warmest year.

The next warmest year according to GISS is likely to happen at the time of the next El Nino, an ocean-atmosphere phenomenon that involves temperature fluctuations in the southern hemisphere.

When you are sealed you will begin to care about the environment. God will plant a little garden in your soul. You will be a little fertile earth growing up seed until you bear fruit.

As a little earth you will care about the greater earth too. You will not want to hurt the greater earth any more than you will want to hurt your own soul. But greenhouse-gas pollution is already hurting the greater earth.

When you are sealed you will learn how you can take action to fight global warming. God will show you what you can do in your little corner of the world to reduce pollution when you receive the Seal

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