Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stop Global Warming

Stop Global Warming by Sarah BB

More frequently we are being given reminders that we are living on a fragile and volatile planet. Many of our natural resources have been processed to near depletion. As the world population grows more land and resources are being used to cope with the increase in demands and deforestation, this in turn has a by product, Pollution and Global Warming. Global Warming is a “Global” issue and is not particular to one event or action, although one event or action repeated round the world by millions of us could make a big difference.

Because the effects of Global Warming are created by many different actions it is hard to put a “Cover All” solution into place. A “Cover All” solution is equally hard as it would have to be established as part of an international policy, a policy that would need every country to sign up to, but that’s politics and will be covered in a separate article. This article is aimed on focusing the individual actions.

What can one person do?Alone, not a lot but imagine if millions of others just like you done the same thing round the world! That would make a big difference on a Global scale, now imagine this happened with various different products at the same time!

The biggest pollutant in most of our lives is our beloved Car, for most of us the car is an integral part of our lives. Without taking the drastic measures of not having a car and hampering our lifestyles there are still a few tricks left to reducing the motor vehicle carbon emissions. Car sharing work journeys, lower c02 emission cars, hybrid cars, cutting out short journeys that can be done on foot, and public transport.

Having now looked at the ways to reduce global warming in regards to your travelling attention can now turn to the management of household waste products like old bottles, newspapers, excess paper, tins, unwanted toys, food and other such items. Many of these items can be recycled or disposed of without being put into a general land fill. All it requires is a few vital minuets to separate and sort it and it’s done.

For instance you can make compost for your garden from food stuff like onion peelings, tea leaves, spoiled vegetables and fruit can be turned into compost. The items like tins, old bottles, papers and newspapers can be taken to recycling centres where they will be eventually taken for recycling.

You can take your old clothes, toys and other goods to charity shops so that someone else will have the chance of using them. This way you can prevent the many garbage dumps from becoming too full. This is another way to reduce the effects of global warming that rarely crosses our minds.

As you can see, while the large industries and companies work to reduce global warming on a large scale, the small scale reduction is down to the individual. For those of us who are looking at the ways to stop global warming our homes, the way we travel and our lifestyles can be looked at with this goal in mind. In the end it is all of our collective efforts to stop global warming which will help us to live a better and cleaner life. You may only be ably to change one element of the above at a time, but can you imaging the impact if everybody done just ONE thing?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Amazon At Risk- action Needed Now

Amazon At Risk- action Needed Now By: Jason Witt

When you receive the Seal you are made like a little earth. So you want to take care of the earth like you take care of yourself. The great garden of the Amazon forest is essential for the health of that earth and yet is threatened.

Global warming is having an adverse impact on the Amazon rain-forest. And the more it happens, the less able to forest is to prevent more global warming, while the Amazon forest is doing much of the heavy lifting in such prevention.

The Amazon forest is keeping the earth cool, keeping down the rising temperatures due to the effect of the pollution people create. As pollution like carbon dioxide rises, so the temperatures of the earth are also rising.

The Amazon forest absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide. But it is also a key element in the balance of the ecosystem of the earth. It also contains an estimated 20 percent of the fresh water of the world.

In addition a third of the species of flora and fauna are found in the Amazon rain-forest in Brazil. But deforestation is yet another enemy in the battle. It causes skyrocketing amounts of carbon dioxide in the air.

If the Amazon forest is not conserved, temperatures around the globe will rise more than the 3.6 degrees above pre-industrial levels that scientists say is the "tipping point." Any more than 3.6 degrees and catastrophes will be omnipresent.

Floods and droughts will happen even more frequently than they are now, along with windstorms and other natural disasters. These have already increased greatly and we can not tolerate any more increases.

When the Amazon forest is depleted scientists say it will affect everyone else around the globe, including those in the United States who will see less rainfall for their crops, which will not be abundant harvests.

And as if deforestation for cattle ranching and soybean growing were not enough, global warming itself threatens to destroy some of the forest as climate change makes conditions inhospitable for life.

There is the price to be paid by those wealthy Western people who are producing the pollution. They must eventually pay for the poor in places vulnerable to floods and droughts.
And now the Amazon rain-forest can be added to those places the wealthy Westerners must subsidize. The Amazon must be preserved, and the people of Brazil need resources like money to do it.

They want to burn large tracts of forest so they can have land to raise cattle and grow soybeans. They want to do it so they can make money, and they will need money if they are to leave the forest intact.

It is unfortunate that the future of the world rests largely on the wilderness of one country--Brazil. But without much of the rain forest we have today we will not be able to sustain our current levels of polluting the air.

When you are sealed you are called to do your part to help preserve the environment and nurse it back to health again, just like you are called to keep your own body healthy.

When you are sealed you become a little earth, a little complete ecosystem. So you understand the failing health of the greater earth too, and you take action to prevent any more sickness when you receive the Seal.

By: Jason Witt

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Unknown Facts About Global Warming

The Unknow Facts About Global Warming
 by: James Heimler

The issues about global warming and the effects of global warming are continuously under debate. Somehow the debate has made its way into virtually every aspect of our lives. There is even thought that the issues about global warming are also applicable to the beliefs that other beings from other planets were forced to make themselves to Earth as their planet began to deteriorate, due to global warming.

It is all around us. It is on the weather stations. It faces us when we decide to purchase a new car or even a cleaning product. The real issues come when trying to learn about global warming. There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet and there is not one group that can agree on all aspects of the global warming debate.

Over the past century, with out a doubt, global temperatures have risen. While the rise in temperature has been only a degree or so, the concern is whether the Earth's temperatures will continue to rise and what impact that will have on the environment. The controversy about the warming of the earth is a result of conflicting evidence.

The fact that global warming also occurred in the prehistoric era is a scientific point. Some think a large meteor hitting the planet caused an big change in the earth's temperature. Is that what killed the dinosaurs? Science cannot prove this conclusively yet. The political and industrial lobbies further complicate conversations about global warming. The contention of these groups is that, we currently do not know enough about the effects of global warming to limit industrial emissions.

When will we know the full facts about global warming and will the global warming issue be resolved anytime soon? Unfortunately the answer is no. There will continue to be studies performed and there will always be a measure of doubt clouding the minds of citizens around the world. Perhaps, when enough data comes through, we will be able to make a determination based on scientific fact rather than theory. Until then we can continue to monitor the progress of scientists and try to do our part in conserving the environment.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Have A Nice Green Holiday

Have A Nice Green Holiday by Chloe W

This holiday season probably has a new meaning for everyone. We face a skyrocketing price on oil and food as well as a shaky stock market. Besides, global environment issue is getting serious than ever. In this red alert for our economic and environment, we should do more effort for our earth. Why not start from this Christmas? It is the season of spirit, we should teach our children and ourselves to involve issues like global warming or save our plants. We don't have to buy something expensive for our family or friends. Instead, we should give them a great new holiday gifts and teach them have green-minds.

Here are great green tips:
1. Think organic: If you plan to buy the gifts for your children, you can consider organic cotton toys. They are pretty, cute and eco-friendly as well as allergy-free for your kids or baby. Besides, you should choose low or no-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint for your wall finish when you decorate the room. Some toys with low-VOC are also good choices because they are earth-friendly.
2. Energy conservation: When you decorate your holiday, you can consider energy conservation lighting or fluorescent lighting. The purpose of these products is to save your money by energy efficient solution as well as protect our earth.
3. Recycled material: we don't want to cut another tree or waste our nature resource. So, here are tips to choose some recycled material or reused wood toys. Some toys are proved by E0 (E-zero) standard certification which have no toxic finish or harmful coloring.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Reality Of Global Warming

The Reality Of Global Warming by Arthor Pens

Global warming is happening because of Carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere. This is like the city smogs that we used to see in the 1900's, retaining or trapping the infrared heat from the sun in the atmosphere. Global mean temperature rises can be directly correlated to the mean increase in Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere

There is significant evidence that our planet's weather and climate patterns are changing rapidly as a direct result of Global Warming. Droughts, receding glaciers and ice caps, extreme storms, rises in ocean temperatures and sea levels, shifts in distribution of organisms and diseases. Many think human activities are a significant contributing cause. As of this year, compelling scientific evidence has come to light to quantify this issue (Oct 2007). The rate at which Carbon Dioxide is being absorbed by the world's oceans has now depreciated significantly. This is because oceans are now overloaded with Carbon Dioxide. From this point forward, more and more of our CO2 output will go straight into the atmosphere, adding to global warming

A warming atmosphere and seas make for loads of extra energy available for the creation of abnormal weather patterns. Around the world, recent data shows an increase in severity of storms, droughts, rainfall, and floods. The disastrous hurricane season of 2005 was just one indication of how synergistic weather is with sea level rise, resulting in loss of wetlands, social issues, and the ability of governments to respond. Three storms strengthened to category 5 in the Atlantic Basin for the first time in a single season (Katrina, Rita, and Wilma). An unprecedented 27 named tropical storms formed, according to NOAA, and more than half of them became hurricanes

"The Arctic is receding very quickly (as a direct result of Global Warming) according to reports from scientists and arctic natives. The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment was released in late 2004, and shows changes from the ice at the North Pole to animals and human settlements. More recent reports from Greenland reveal glaciers moving meters per hour and rapidly thinning. The Arctic ice cap is shrinking in summer to the smallest it has ever been in modern measurements, and even winter cold has not been refreezing it as much as before. Basically, there's a rise in overall sea level going on, coupled with an increase in violent weather, so coastal areas will get hit very hard from now on.

In effect, we can now expect all previous climate change models to be obsolete. Rather like a movie straight out of Hollywood, you can imagine a scientist trying to explain to the president how a slowing in the rate of CO2 absorption by the world's oceans translates directly into increased CO2 in the atmosphere and that "we are now expecting a 2 degree rise in global temperatures in the next 10 years rather than the 50 years previously estimated Mr President." Or for you gas guzzling Americans: Forget any major coastal cities Mr President. I would also suggest that New Orleans will not need re-development or more capital expense. I foresee that a further category 4 or above hurricane will destroy any Levy's around the coastal areas. Substantial sea rises will prevent any attempts to protect these areas.