Sunday, December 9, 2007

Have A Nice Green Holiday

Have A Nice Green Holiday by Chloe W

This holiday season probably has a new meaning for everyone. We face a skyrocketing price on oil and food as well as a shaky stock market. Besides, global environment issue is getting serious than ever. In this red alert for our economic and environment, we should do more effort for our earth. Why not start from this Christmas? It is the season of spirit, we should teach our children and ourselves to involve issues like global warming or save our plants. We don't have to buy something expensive for our family or friends. Instead, we should give them a great new holiday gifts and teach them have green-minds.

Here are great green tips:
1. Think organic: If you plan to buy the gifts for your children, you can consider organic cotton toys. They are pretty, cute and eco-friendly as well as allergy-free for your kids or baby. Besides, you should choose low or no-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint for your wall finish when you decorate the room. Some toys with low-VOC are also good choices because they are earth-friendly.
2. Energy conservation: When you decorate your holiday, you can consider energy conservation lighting or fluorescent lighting. The purpose of these products is to save your money by energy efficient solution as well as protect our earth.
3. Recycled material: we don't want to cut another tree or waste our nature resource. So, here are tips to choose some recycled material or reused wood toys. Some toys are proved by E0 (E-zero) standard certification which have no toxic finish or harmful coloring.

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